tip of the week: how to survive the holidays with your camera

This year I've taken on way too much. I wonder how I'm going to survive the holiday season. My desk is piled high with projects and I've got a mountain of things to do. I burn the midnight oil daily and still have a massive list to get to the next day.

I can't help but wonder if and how it will ever slow down. Thank goodness for a few life-saving tips for the holidays. Here is my survival guide:

#1: Delegate! Hire it out! Find others to do some of the detail work for you. What could I possibly mean? Well let's look at a possible scenario: the hunt for that perfect Christmas tree. And here's what i mean: do you want really fun photos of you and your family searching, finding and trimming your tree? Of course you do! So you could hustle to take the photos yourself and not be in any, missing out on experiencing a lot of the moments with your family while you try to document it... OR... you could hire someone like me to do all that for you. See... eliminate the stress by downsizing your to-do list.

#2: Use a really reliable printing company for your Christmas cards. I can't stress this enough. If your goal is to spend as much of the holidays relaxing with your family then stop trying to do everything! Log on to tinyprints.com and check out their awesome Christmas cards. Their cards are fresh, unique, and beautifully designed. And if you order your cards early, you'll save! In fact, right now they are offering 30% off their cards (ends on the 3rd!) so don't wait. Want to make your life even less stressful??? Tinyprints even offers a mailing service. What does that mean? You can select a mailing service and they will not only print your cards, but mail them too! CRAZY AWESOME!

#3: Don't stress too much about your camera. Keep it handy and pull it out when absolutely necessary. Make sure to document those really priceless moments. But remember: THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK. Not every single action needs to be documented. There are highlights that when captured right will tell a beautiful story. Pulling your camera out to capture those moments will help you to be more present this holiday season.

#4: Here's your photo challenge. Instead of taking hundreds of photos of things this holiday season, take portraits of the people who matter most in your life. Focus on this portrait project and commit to yourself that you will get a really beautiful portrait of each person who matters to you. I promise you that these are the images you will cherish the most in the years to come. So while you mingle before Christmas dinner, or while you laugh at a party with friends-- grab your camera, pull one person aside at a time and take 5 minutes to compose and take their portrait. Need help on how to make this super beautiful? My next posted tip will be all about on-location portraits with existing light. So stay tuned!!