The Little Prince

My oldest has always loved to be read to. His comprehension and ability to sit for long periods and listen to beautiful stores amazes me. About this time last year (when he was only 4 years old) I read The Little Prince to him. He loved it and I loved sharing it with him. After seeing the newer film on Netflix, he told me that he wanted to be the Little Prince for Halloween. And so I decided to go ahead and make it a family themed costume. My husband was the Pilot, I dressed as the Rose, my daughter was the Fox and our baby a Sheep, with Emerson as the Little Prince. It wasn't easy putting these costumes together but I couldn't have been happier with how they all ended up. On Halloween, before venturing out for trick-or-treating, we stopped by a small little park near our home and I shot two rolls of Portra 120. Here are a few of my favorites from those two rolls. (film dev & scanned by the FIND lab, shot with a Contax645)