it's time for a Christmas tree

So yesterday was the day that Britton and I decided we were going to go get a Christmas tree. The weather was perfect. Sunny and not too cold. We're living now in American Fork, and just down the road on state street, there's a great little fresh-cut tree lot. We had to wander on down there!

(yours truly)

A good friend and photographer, April Bladh, was kind enough to come along to help document the afternoon. Here's just a sneak peek at what she took. I let her use my Contax to shoot some film... so that will be posted later. But for now, here's a few digital :)

I have a very cute husband, who... like most husbands... hates having his picture taken. I think he did well though.

After a little bit, we found our tree. A quaint little noble fir.

Here's my beautiful little contax <3