17 weeks and a turnip

when i first thought about photographing a turnip... i didn't know what to think. i honestly had a hard time finding one at the store since i've never bought one before. it didn't help that they're right next to the rutabagas! and since i've never bought one of those either and didn't know the difference between the two, i ended up buying a rutabaga instead. once i realized that it was not a turnip, i ventured back to the produce section of our local grocery store and picked up the best looking turnip i could find.

i was so excited to wear my new skirt for this photo. if you want to know the story behind this awesome article of clothing- go here. it was actually a dress once upon a time...

and now for the photos: week 17, baby is the size of a turnip!

we've really hit a growth spurt this last week. i'm seriously looking more pregnant every day. AND... this is exciting news: i felt my little turnip move inside of me for the VERY FIRST TIME on saturday. woohoo!! it seriously was so cool. i've heard people compare it to butterflies, but whenever i've heard that-it's made me think of what i feel when i'm on a roller-coaster. you know, those type of butterflies. this didn't feel anything like that at all. INSTEAD-it was almost as if i had a little butterfly in my belly flapping its wings around. a little turnip butterfly. it was a super special and totally unique moment. can't wait for more!