baby update!

so... i'm a tiny bit behind on my posting about this wonderful new chapter of pregnancy. let me tell you, i am loooooooving it. it's got it's uncomfortable moments of pukiness and heartburn, but oh this second trimester has been so much better than the first. i have energy! yahoo! i am a regular gym-goer again! and it feels so so good.

the reason i get behind with posting these pictures is that i choose to shoot them with the lady contax. for those of you who are new and don't know who the lady contax is... let me tell you! she's a beautiful piece of photo equipment that allows me complete manual control and she only takes film. so i've got to finish a roll before i can get it developed and then i've got to wait for it to be developed. thus the longer turn around time (longer than the instant digital variety). anyway, this project is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

fruits and veggies compared to my growing baby:

week 14: baby was the size of a lemon. a LEMON! yes! so excited about that one.

week 15: baby was the size of an apple. about 4" in length. an APPLE for crying out loud. an apple in my belly. :)

and now for this week: week 16. can you believe that i'm 4 months along already? so crazy, i know! baby is a bit longer. about .5" longer to be exact. they're comparing baby at this stage to an avocado.

i know... i know... this dress hides the belly well. but trust me. it's protruding out there under the beautiful folds of green fabric (dress from anthropology).

this is really a fun time. depending on what i wear, i can look quite pregnant. other outfits-not so much. but well, i feel it every day. baby is just hanging out with me, loving all of my activities of choice. haha. anyway, if you're curious where i'm getting the comparisons of fruit to the growth of my baby- my information source is baby center. i get an email update each week letting me know the progress and growth that is typical for a baby at my stage in the pregnancy. i am also part of the lamaze weekly email. and i try to check out other information on birth and pregnancy as it becomes available to me. if any of you have any suggestions in this department- i'd love to hear them! what have you done fun to document and track and educate yourself during your pregnancies?