the bun in my oven

I'm going to be a mom. This is a first-time experience for me. Haven't had the opportunity yet... till now. I spoke with my own mother for a brief moment on the phone today (after she shared part of her moose roast with me in the form of french dip sandwiches. oh how i miss alaskan moose! I was so grateful. Had to call and say thankyou to momma-dear). Here's basically how the conversation went.

Me: My baby is really going to like you.
Mom: No, you're baby is going to looooooooove me.
Me: Correction accepted. Baby will love you for sure.
Mom: You don't know if baby is a boy or girl yet, do you?
Me: Nope. Only 6 more weeks.
Mom: Can't wait!
Me: Me either!

My mother is right. The bun in my oven will love her. I'm excited to see the mother I love so much fill the roll of grandmother to my baby. So excited for this.

And yes, we have only 6 weeks till we find out the sex of baby in my belly. I am looking forward to this- A LOT. Our midwife appointment went really well yesterday. My growth is spot-on. Iron levels good. And the best part: baby's heartbeat is super strong.

So... over the course of the past few weeks I have begun the documentation of this new process. My body is changing- in the most beautiful way. Although I'm at the stage where I feel like I probably look more like I'm fat than pregnant, I don't really care. Who cares if I'm not as slender in my workout clothes at the gym? Since when were all the gym-bound people super fit? haha. Although, I am looking forward to when I will actually look pregnant instead of just feeling it.

7-Weeks: baby is the size of a blueberry! A blueberry! It's amazing that baby can be so tiny and yet so developed.

12 weeks: baby is the size of a lime. This is a cute size. By this point, my baby has fingers and nails and ears even. So cool. Such a sweet little lime.

13 weeks: proof of the belly. It is growing. I promise. Also, my weight on the scale is slowing climbing up. I have to throw in a disclaimer here that the picture on the left is of me, on the scale and I'm holding my 3.5 lb camera. So the total weight is a tad deceiving. It's actually only supposed to read 128.2. Don't believe me? I have documented proof of that as well. I just liked the angle of this shot better. :)

This next week my baby will be the size of a lemon. And then an apple and avocado. Don't worry- more pictures to come. I believe in the power of a woman's natural ability to carry and deliver children. I'm so excited to take this journey with you all. So is my little bun. Baby is going to like you all, a lot.