a dream world

a little over a week ago, britton and i had a really fun date night. we discovered a "new world." a magical place. a dream world. walking around this dream, we seemed to have entered into the ice castle of the white witch or some other-worldly place from a fairytale. it's so incredible--the wonderful creations that exist for our enjoyment.

i blogged more in detail about this wonderful place here. but on friday i picked up the film from the evening and couldn't resist sharing some of my favorite images. my film of choice? kodak portra 400vc. it's so beautiful.

we went right at dusk. so the sky was surreal. it was quite romantic (and cold).

in other news: i'm soooo very excited to photograph this week's food of choice. baby is really growing. (that is a GREAT thing). i feel that my bump is more and more pronounced. coming up on week 17, my baby is now close to 5" and is compared to... well I'm not going to tell you actually. you'll just have to wait to find out! :)

also, i'm going to start a series of photo-advice/tutorial posts. one of my passions is education. i absolutely LOVE the sharing of knowledge and watching the progression of talent and skill. i've decided to extend some of my hard-earned education and experience to you in the form of video tutorials. so my question to you is: What do you want to know about photography? lighting? art? theory? anything in particular?