19 weeks + an announcement!

oh boy! am i excited about this post. today was a really really good day. we had our ultrasound appointment and it was so fun. i'm very happy to announce that baby beckham is healthy as can be. can i be honest here for a min and share that i was a tiny bit nervous that something would go wrong? i refrained from sharing this apprehension with anyone (cause i believe in positive thought and focus) but there was a concern. this concern is probably normal, i'm sure many of you know the exact emotion that i'm referring to... anyway, there was a big feeling of relief as we walked out of the clinic. oh i'm a happy momma.

i'm going to start out this post with the announcement (since all the photos i take are really about the baby in my belly anyway.) britton and i are so thrilled to share the news that we are expecting a sweet little BOY!

you all weren't far off on your guesses. here's the final update on our baby poll:

(i took this picture earlier this week just so i'd be ready to post it today. i took one in case it was a girl too. just to be prepared) ;)

this is our baby's first official photo and it just melts my heart. he's got the sweetest little profile ever. oh i could kiss those cheeks already. our little prince was very well behaved for the ultrasound. he's been so active lately (my tummy can attest... i feel so many of his moves). it was so fun to see his little heart pumping and his hands moving around. what a blessing today was!

and now for the bump photos. as promised i wore something a bit more form-fitting. baby center said that, this week, my little boy is the size of an heirloom tomato (about 6 inches). i could not, for the life of me, find a 6" heirloom tomato... and so i took the liberty of changing the food of choice. so i picked up an artichoke that was 6" from end-to-end and photographed it instead. i love artichokes and am happy with the switch.

oh my sweet little artichoke heart. i'm having a boy! and we are thrilled.