21 weeks... lucky rabbit ;)

we had an appointment with our midwife this week and it turns out that i'm measuring more like 24 weeks than 21. but i assure you... i'm only at week 21. i think my little boy is just loving his time to grow. things are looking real good and i'm feeling great.

i've been a part of a group called ARTISTS WANTED for some time now and they just opened up a new "call for entries." their submission request is on "the power of self"- and so they called for self-portraits. since i've got a lot more of those than i've ever had before, i went ahead and submitted some of these baby bump shots. here's the link to my submission. there's a jury of judges who choose the grand prize, but there is also a people's choice award- that is determined by VIEWERS LIKE YOU. at any rate, you can vote each and every day. you know you want to... click on the link and spread the love.

so back to my baby. he's measuring approximately 10.5 inches now. about the length of a carrot. these carrots aren't exactly 10.5 inches (unless you count part of the green stem) so for the sake of accuracy, that's what we're going to do here. [10.5 inches is from the tip to the edge of my pointer finger]

oh and the dress is a new addition. just picked it up from h&m while in vegas last week. :)