a really cool story

awhile ago i read a really cool story about a guy [Todd Bieber] who found a lost roll of film in central park. he almost left it right where he had found it, but instead, picked it up and got it developed. what he then saw were beautiful photographs taken during new york's blizzard. he felt that the owner of the photos needed to know that they had been found and so used social media to circulate the photos and story. and that's all i knew. that was the last i had heard... until yesterday.

a blog i follow regularly [design mom] just so happened to post about the lost roll of film- which, it turns out, is no longer lost.

you can hear the rest of the story here.

i seriously am loving everything about this cool chain of events. one of the things i love most about it is that it was made possible because the woman who took the pictures shot them with film. time out for a little film-shout-out. she doesn't profess to be a photographer and yet understood the basic mechanisms of a camera to shoot film. i love that. digital photography has completely changed the way we photograph. it's so refreshing to see moments like this happen because someone chose to embrace a film camera.

in case you were wondering, in my freezer-right next to the edamame, i have my little film storage unit. i'm a lover. everything that you've seen posted on this blog has been shot with film.