25 weeks- aprox 13" inch ear of corn

Week 24, baby center said my little boy was the length of an ear of corn... but corn wasn't to be found in any of the stores so I opted to photograph a 12" pineapple. This week baby center said "rutabaga" but seriously- here in Utah, rutabagas are the size of turnips and that was week 16 or something. So, when I found a 13" ear of corn, I decided to photograph it after-all. :) In some of the photos I'm holding 2 ears, cause well... let's face it- my little guy has more meat on his bones now than just one ear of corn. He's really getting big!

Last night I had some crazy dreams about baby parts pushing out of my belly. Any of you ladies ever had dreams like that? I guess that is my subconscious's way of processing all the movements my baby makes on a daily basis. I swear, sometimes it feels like he's having his own little dance party in there. He's all over the place. I love it! In one of my dreams he was sticking his arm out of my side. Like... full baby arm exposed just hanging out there. In another his head was pushing through and I could see his whole profile. How funny.