weeks 26 & 27

so i've been a tad behind on my baby bump posting. i do sincerely apologize ;) life has just been so busy the past 2 weeks! but, i'll have you all know that the photos were taken (i just was slow getting them developed and posted). so you're going to get a 2-for-1 post today.

week 26: an english hothouse cucumber

at 26 weeks my little guy measured approximately 14" (think the length of a cucumber). in these photos i'm wearing a newer dress which my husband picked out for me at forever 21. it's definitely not meant for maternity wear... but i think it works :)

week 27: cauliflower/ real flower :)

this week my little guy is aproximately 14.5" in length and just over 2lbs in weight. a head of cauliflower weighs just about that and so that's what we're comparing him to. being that it was mother's day on sunday though, i received a flower at church. a pretty gerber daisy, which i cut down to be 14.5"... making this week the week of the flowers. :)

i'm wearing a dress courtesy of shabby apple, which i won on this fabulous blog. i'll be honest, it makes me feel good to be able to wear a dress meant for non-pregnant ladies while pregnant. :)

ps... i'm pretty sure my little guy had the hiccups the WHOLE TIME i wrote this post ;)