34 weeks and a cantaloupe

first i need to start off with a confession. week 33 we were on a babymoon in vegas and i failed to find the time to photograph that week's fruit :( so there will not be a post for week 33.

now that that's out there, here's week 34- baby sure is growing!! i feel larger and larger every day. about normal, eh? this week he's 4.75lbs (aprox) and 18 inches!! no wonder i feel him move all day long!

the following photos were taken at our baby celebration garden party which was hosted by one of my best friends this last weekend. trust me- MORE photos of this beautiful event to come soon! it was the best baby shower ever. (men were included!) i'm actually still on a high from how perfect and beautiful the evening was. BEST BABY CELEBRATION EVER!

anyway, for now, enjoy week 34!