cabbage patch kid and some navel oranges (weeks 29, 30, & 31)

yes, it's time again to share the progress of my baby bump. i'm now approaching my 32nd week of pregnancy. i've merged into the final trimester and it's all downhill from here, right? our birth classes are in full-swing and so is the bun in my oven. he's hiccups and moves all around. he is often a great source of amusement. i cannot wait to meet him!

week 29, he weighed approximately 2.5 lbs- about the size of a red cabbage.

week 30, he was over 15" in length and weighed .5 lbs more- closer to the size of a regular cabbage. around 3 lbs. when i went to the store to pick up the cabbage for the week i couldn't help but smile. i don't typically buy cabbages and they all reminded me of when i was little and played with cabbage patch kids. now i'm getting ready to have one of my own!

week 31, he's really hit a growth spurt! he's over 16" in length and weighs more than 3 lbs. i tried to carry 4 navel oranges and i kept on dropping them. it was tricky! honestly though, i often feel the same way about carrying this belly around. it just keeps on getting bigger :)

this last picture was one that my husband just wanted to take. sans oranges. just me.