time for a babymoon

just before i left for paris, amelie had come out. it's such a beautiful film. i loved everything about it. naturally, i had to see all the sites. my brother and i went around one day and checked out everything from the film. we even took pictures in one of the train station photo booths. this is the picture that i took of myself then :)

i've always loved going on adventures. fortunately for me, i married a man that loves to travel just as much as i do.

a few weeks ago, he said he was in some serious need of a vacation. i'm always in need of one! and so we are departing today for a little mini babymoon. we're not going very far. just a little drive away to the city that never seems to sleep (vegas baby!) but i'm so excited! we've got some serious funness planned!

enjoy your weekend! i KNOW i will!!