the world of dreams

so i've been having crazy vivid dreams lately. and i remember so many of them. sometimes i wake up feeling elated, sometimes not so happy. dreams are interesting, don't you think? last night we watched this nova science episode all on dreams. it was pretty cool. i think i remember the dreams i'm having that occur in both rem sleep and non-rem sleep because of how often i wake up throughout the night now- due to the growing and VERY active human inside my body.

last night i dreamt about my dog Pele. it may be the pregnancy hormones, but i have a hard time not crying when i think of him and how much i miss him. like seriously people... did you ever have a pet that you totally loved? for 16 years of my life, pele was an important part. at the end of his life, as he really began to deteriorate- i was the one who took him to the vet, who sat on the floor with him while he was hooked up to iv's because his fluids were low. i made him homemade dog food so that he'd have some important nutrients as his body aged. i was there as he slowly gave up on eating all together and passed away. and then we buried him in the backyard, under the boy sculpture on the bench. he's still there to this day and i miss him terribly.

in my dream last night, i started petting this dog and it was so well behaved. i looked down and saw that it was a sheltie- and i knew that's why it was such a good dog! then the light clicked on and it was pele and we played and played. i was amazed at how great he looked. i had missed him so! this may seem like a silly thing to say, but he's one of the first things i want to see when i get to heaven. and yes, i do believe that "dogs go to heaven" - if not all of them, than definitely pele. his mom, princess, was also in my dream. she was such a good dog too. see... she was ours and we bred her and then we hand-picked pele out of her last litter. he was my puppy from the very very beginning.

i may or may not have shed a few tears while writing this post. hey, what can i say- i'm pregnant.

this is a picture that i took in his later years. he was so beautiful.

RIP my sweet puppy. i miss you.