37 weeks- and a painted belly

just for clarification, i am actually 38+1 day along. the ticker on the right is correct... although a few of you have wondered where i am in this process simply because i post the weekly photos late (sometimes even 2 weeks later!). i'm sorry if this has caused confusion. but shooting with film for this project has left me waiting for the pictures. at any rate, i haven't yet taken week 38 but will do so soon. as for the special treat of week 37- here it is in all its glory! i hope you will enjoy!!

this week's photo was a total group effort. i couldn't have done it without the following individuals:

jenica- a fabulous artist and the one behind the paint on my belly.
alisha- an invaluable friend and incredibly talented photographer (who is currently photographing at the salt lake farmers market- large format polaroids people! she's AMAZING)
christine- a fearless friend and photographer, so generous and so talented
britton- my love, my support, the reason this project is possible

i'm not sure where i got it in my head that i wanted my belly painted... but somewhere, somehow it got there. i think it may have been mainly motivated by the desire to be photographed by alisha in a large-format 4x5 color polaroid. when i learned that she would have a booth at the farmer's market, i knew that i needed to make this happen. fortunately, for me, she knew jenica- who was more than willing and excited really to help make this a reality. jenica came, and with her mad skills made my belly into a canvas for her beautiful masterpiece. i chose to have her paint some of the fruits and veggies that i've photographed through this process. i loved the little final touches which she added. it was a sunny day at the market. so enjoyable, sitting there being painted.

after the painting was complete, alisha was so good as to capture the following 4x5 polaroids for me. her work is stunning. if you are in the salt lake area and want something to do on a saturday- seriously consider heading down to the market to have her photograph you. it won't be something you'd regret! and the best part- you get to walk away with print in hand. soooo beautiful!

pictures taken by alisha stamper

after the market, i headed south to meet up with christine. she had a few minutes and we found a nice little spot to snap a few more pictures...

pictures by christine olson

and then, finally... my sweet love assisted me in creating these images. he's such a good sport!

we are getting closer and closer to the arrival of sweet baby boy beckham... and i cannot wait. he's dropped... and so even though i can breathe much easier, i waddle like a duck even more now than ever! my little petite body is so uncomfortable and ready to get him out! but i am content to let him stay in as long as he needs to. yesterday's midwife appointment went well. it was the home visit. everything is as it should be! a perfect report. things are getting closer and closer. we are so excited. stay tuned, friends, for more updates, more photos and eventually a beautiful birth story :)