it's a garden party baby celebration

so a few months ago i had this brilliant idea. i really wanted to have a beautiful baby shower, different than most. i don't know about you, but sometimes i get tired of all of the silly little games played at all the different types of showers. PLUS- i found it interesting that men were never included. i mean, for bridal showers, it makes sense to not have the groom there... but baby showers? um... if it weren't for the guy, there wouldn't be a baby in utero! so why not let them in on the celebration too? plus, there's the forever question (i've seen floating around the blog-o-sphere) of whether or not having second and third baby showers for second and third children is kosher. well, in my opinion, why not change how things are done a bit and make it more of a celebration?! and honestly, EVERY child deserves to be celebrated and so yes.. have as many of these parties as your heart desires!

luckily for me i have great friends and one of them, the lovely kaneischa, told me months ago that she wanted to host my baby shower. when i filled her in on my idea (that of including men and making it more of a celebration instead of a typical baby shower), she was more than on-board! she was excited! and she was the perfect one for the job. this girl ROCKS at throwing together amazing events. she chimed in that it should be a garden party and voila! a masterpiece was born.

the theme was GARDEN PARTY. the location? a beautiful and perfect backyard in provo. the weather? ideal! the invitees? close friends and their significant others. The dress code? garden-party best. the party was equipped with a photobooth, grilled kebabs, hanging lanterns, homemade lemonade and excellent conversation.

to be honest, i'm still on a bit of a high from the pure splendidness of the party. i still have yet to get a few pictures from it developed... but i couldn't wait any longer to share with you the beautiful evening.

i'm so thrilled that i get to celebrate the coming of my own sweet little baby boy into this world, surrounded by so much love, friendship and support. lucky me :)

yes, this is my baby's daddy :)

i have such lovely friends.

party details...

my most favorite person...

my kid brother, and one of the funniest guys i've ever known!

simply put- an ideal evening!

there was a photobooth... i promise to post some of the fun captured therein soon! stay tuned! :)