39 weeks... time for a watermelon!

so at the very beginning of this process i had a real hard time envisioning what it would be like to get to the point where i'd be holding a watermelon... and now that time has come. i picked up the watermelon at a local fruit stand. holding that watermelon, i couldn't believe that it was comparable to the size of my baby. he sure has grown the past 39 weeks!

i'm now 2 days away from my due date. the appointment with my midwife went really well today. things are progressing as they should and i can honestly say that i'm confident that my baby will be in my arms in less than a week's time. not a bad trade, a baby instead of a watermelon... i'm so excited to meet him. so excited to see his face. so excited to experience the power of creation as i do what my body was made to and labor to give birth to my son. it's been such an awesome journey! thank you for being so positive and supportive and for coming along with me on it.