sakura bloom: sling daries: EXPLORE

first of all, i have to say that i've been really excited for this particular theme of "explore" since the beginning of the sakura bloom's sling dairies. i knew right away what i wanted to do for this month's theme and i set out to make it happen.

baby-wearing is more than just something that we do daily. it's a total lifestyle and we (me, my husband and especially my baby) LOVE it. i love wearing my baby where-ever i go. i love having him close. i love kissing his sweet little head. i love being able to feel productive because both hands are free while keeping my baby so close to me. i want to EXPLORE the world this way. side by side, heart to heart with my sweet little baby. i carried him full-term, and i still carry him to this day.

if it was up to me,

i'd even wear him to the moon.

for this month's post i commissioned an incredibly talented artist, caitlin connolly to illustrate a children's book, inspired by this month's theme: explore. it was the best way i felt that i could express to my baby my desire to explore and experience the world again and again, with him by my side and close to my heart.

and so here you have it. my book. i wrote the words and caitlin created the BEAUTIFUL illustrations. it's so rad. i've already read it over and over again to my little Emerson and he's a fan, and if that's the only person who will ever love and appreciate it than that's enough for me. but honestly, i think you all might like it too. :)

i've photographed closer details of the pages so that you can read and enjoy the whole book...

i'm honored to be one of thirteen fabulous families participating in the sakura bloom sling dairies. have you seen the other entries? such beautiful photography! such beautiful moments captured and shared.

i feel fortunate to have had the inspiring push to create something so meaningful for my baby. thanks to the team at sakura bloom for this month's theme!

i also couldn't have pulled this off without the cooperation of caitlin and her mad artistic skills. seriously, she's rad, huh? want to see more of what she's got to offer- drop on over to her blog and check it out. i think she's even going to make some prints of her drawings available... wouldn't it be so awesome to have one of her beautiful illustrations hanging in your baby's room? yea... i totally think so!

one final thought- any of you interested in having your own copy of "I'LL WEAR YOU TO THE MOON" ??? i'm so thrilled with how it turned out that i can't help but want to share it with all of you. maybe i'll look into getting it published, or making it available on blurb or something... comment below and let me know if that'd be something you'd be interested in. maybe even leave your email address... i'll look into it and keep you posted on what i figure out :)